Spiritual Nurture
Satribari Christian Hospital has a Spiritual Life Department and a Nurses’ Youth Fellowship (NYF) which nurtures the students spiritually. Students are encouraged to follow the example of Christ in their professional and personal life. Students participate in the Daily Morning Devotions, Wednesday Cottage Prayer meetings, Friday NYF meetings, Sunday Evening Campus Fellowship and Sunday services in different North-Eastern languages. Special programmes during Christmas and Easter also add to their spiritual nurture.

Student Nurses’ Association
All students are members of the Student Nurses’ Association (SNA) which is a national association of student nurses in India. Through the SNA the students are given opportunities to develop their creativity and exhibit their talents in various extracurricular activities both in the school of nursing as well as in the state and national SNA conferences.

Students are encouraged to participate in both indoor and outdoor games. Many students have participated and won prizes in SNA sports meet both at the State and National level.

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