In the year 1915, the Assam Baptist Convention decided to start a hospital for providing medical care to women and children of Assam. There was no lady doctor at the time, so Miss Milli Marvin, a missionary nurse from USA started the work of the hospital on 26th October 1926 through the establishment of a Nursing School with five nursing trainees.

The hospital was indeed started by a Nurse!

The hospital started with 25 beds and was known as the Women’s and Children’s hospital. In 1928, Dr. Dorothy Kenny, M.D. arrived from the USA as the first full time missionary doctor and in 1931, Dr. Lahori Bhuyan one of the First Indian Lady Doctors in Assam joined her.

By 1936, the hospital had adequate qualified staff, equipment and other medical facilities rendering fine medical service to the people. Several missionary doctors and nurses contributed to the growth of the hospital, among whom were Dr. Larry Norton and Ms. Suderman. In the year 1944, the name of the hospital was changed from Women’s and Children’s Hospital to American Baptist Hospital and later to its present name- Satribari Christian Hospital.

Around 1965, the mantle of hospital administration came upon the shoulders of Indian doctors among whom was Dr. Tarep Ao, the first Indian Medical Superintendent of the hospital.

At present, the hospital caters to the health care needs of people from the state of Assam and the neighbouring states. Various facilities for treatment of patients like the Critical care Unit, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, a Geriatric Care Unit, a well-equiped laboratory, as well as qualified specialists and well-trained nurses and paramedical staff provide dedicated service to the patients.